Apple wants to improve Maps is a map service via drones

A map service Apple Maps could never compete with Google Maps on the global market. And on the side of the market often do not compete with local services. Immediately after his release in 2012, the service has distinguished a vast number of errors and no comparison with the Google product was not. Now the situation has improved, but the alignment of forces is still not in favor of Apple.

According to the source, Apple intends to improve the service through drones and «new navigation capabilities». At the moment, copertina gather a team of experts in robotics and data collection that will improve the map service of the company. This will be used for drones and specially equipped cars.

And the drones will be used not only for one time to improve the service, but also for the continuous updating of data on construction works, new signs and so on. However, what kind of army drones need to have to cover at least the United States, it is hard to imagine. So the question of continuous updating of data is clearly relative.

The service itself will be not only accurate, but also will acquire new features, like navigation inside buildings and improved car navigation.

By the way, the commercial use of drones Apple received 22 March this year. For our purposes the company will use drones of different manufacturers, including DJI and Aibotix.

It should be noted that now the FAA rules seriously restrict the initiative of Apple, as prohibit commercial flying drones over people and buildings.

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