Apple wants 30% of revenue with the «free» section of Facebook

Digging Facebook for some time testing a new subscription service that will be added to the official app for Android and iOS.

The essence of the service is to give users access to paid materials of the major publishing houses directly in the social networking application in the form of «instant articles» (Instant Articles). Publishers thus will get more subscribers and readers who used all the information to only in Facebook.

App Facebook will redirect users to a website or other media for subscription, so the publisher will get the full amount determined by the cost of the subscription. And at this point Facebook has a disagreement with Apple.

It is no secret that Cupertino giant takes a considerable 30% (in the first year, then reduced to 15%) of all payments within the application. And in order for Facebook to add this service to your proprietary software on iOS, it needs some way to pay Apple. The latter does not care about the fact that in-app payment does not occur, so as to subscribe the user navigates to a site specific media. Apple believes that this still applies to purchases within the application, because the application in this case acts as an incentive for payment.

Sources say that the company can not agree for several months. While beta testing on Android is already running. At the moment Facebook has already partnered with Bild, The Boston Globe, The Economist, Hearst, La Repubblica, Le Parisien, der Spiegel, The Telegraph, tronc and The Washington Post.

In the end, the issue will be resolved is unclear, but iOS users could be left without new features Facebook.

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