Apple wanted to use Intel Kaby Lake in MacBook Pro

Apple’s competitors in the market of laptops used in new models of the Intel Kaby Lake, while Apple’s latest iteration of the MacBook Pro to chose the previous-generation processors Intel Skylake. According to the source, referring to unnamed representatives of the industry, it has a fairly simple explanation.

Reportedly, Apple wanted to use Intel processors Kaby Lake in the MacBook Pro, but Intel did not have enough time to ensure their delivery.

Intel Kaby Lake will appear in the updated MacBook Pro models, which will be released this year.

The choice in favor of Skylake forced the developers to limit maximum RAM to 16 GB, not to increase power consumption, which would reduce the time of Autonomous work. According to the manufacturer, the new MacBook Pro batteries provide up to 10 hours without recharging. However, some owners of MacBook Pro do not share the optimism of Apple .




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