Apple violated the rights of consumers in Denmark, exchanging a new damaged iPhone used

The court in Denmark ruled that Apple had violated the law on protection of consumer rights, providing the client with a restored iPhone, used, in exchange for a new one, which didn’t work properly.

The plaintiff, David Lichard (David Lysgaard), purchased the iPhone 4 in June 2011. The device was a character. After several complaints about problems with the smartphone, the manufacturer exchanged it for another, second hand and restored.

In accordance with Danish law, defective product that cannot be repaired, must be replaced by a new equivalent product or money must be returned. This allowed Lagarde to win an argument with Apple turning to the organization for the protection of the rights of consumers. However, in 2014, Apple has tried to take revenge by submitting to the buyer at the court. This week the city court of GLOSTRUP has called the legitimate expectations of the plaintiff, noting that the restored smartphone can not be qualified as new. According to the court, the buyer may cancel the purchase and get your money back.

Source: Patently Apple



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