Apple uses for the iPhone 8 stainless steel instead of aluminium

As reported by DigiTimes, the Assembly of the iPhone 8 Apple will refuse from aluminum alloy, making the choice in favor of stainless steel, which both sides will be covered with reinforced glass panels.

Assembly orders will be split between Foxconn Electronics, which reported on the ground since 1991, the decline in sales, as well as the American company Jabil. The production process will reduce the time and cost of Assembly of new smartphones. Sources from the supply chain claim that we are talking about reducing the cost by about 30-50%, while quality control will remain at a consistently high level.

The publication adds that the current suppliers of cases for Apple devices, the company Catcher Technology and Casetek is not affected by these changes, as metal case iPhone 8 will still need to bring to the ideal state on the CNC machines.



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