Apple TV 4K is not capable of playing 4K video on YouTube

Today we already wrote about the limitations of 4K content on iTunes. Recall, movies in 4K will only be possible to watch online, but not download for later viewing.

Now it became known that the new Apple TV 4K cannot play video at a maximum resolution on YouTube. Moreover, even 2K video, the owners of the new device will be available, so they will have to settle for Full HD.

The problem is that Apple decided not to support the VP9 codec in Apple TV 4K, despite the fact that it does not require any license fees. Because of this same limitation exists in Safari for macOS and iOS.

It is not excluded that Apple will ever add support for VP9 by updating, but the situation still looks weird because the company later enters the market of set-top boxes that support 4K, and now it turns out that this console is not able to work with related content on the most popular video service in the world.
Note that the official ON YouTube is one of the most downloaded apps on tvOS.



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