Apple took more than 40% of the Japanese tablet market in 2016

According to the latest data, MM Research Institute, in 2016 in Japan shipped a total of 8.51 million tablets. For the first time since the emergence on the market of these devices deliveries in the region declined. Compared to the 2015 delivery fell by almost 10%.

First place in the local market took the American company Apple with a share of 41%. Second place went to the Chinese Huawei Technologies, which could cover 21.6% of the market. Third place was taken by NEC/Lenovo with 8.5%, followed by Asustek Computer from 5.4%.

Delivery of the tablet-oriented commercial use has decreased significantly. The reason is that few companies are willing to spend extra money on optimizing the interface for their tasks, the purchase of additional software and payment security systems.

Analysts believe that this market segment can boost tablets designed for learning.



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