Apple suspends sales of distressed LG monitors UltraFine 5K

The fate of UltraFine 5K LG monitors designed for laptops Apple MacBook Pro new generation, was not very rosy. First, they have way, way too late in the sale, and then became aware of the problems with these monitors, which in the end was blamed on the proximity to routers. LG said that it has corrected the problem in new devices, but immediately after that, the Network appeared information about the fact that problems arise and no nearby sources of electromagnetic radiation.

In the end, the Apple, probably, the Charter to remove negative reviews, temporarily stopped the sale of these monitors. Except that now the monitors can’t be bought at the online Apple store, sources in regular stores, the company monitors also do not sell, despite the fact that they were in stock.

Now the site States that the delivery period is five to six weeks, although from recent experience we know that such a label should be near the product much longer without any changes.

By the way, some sources suggest that this problem may push Apple to return to the market monitors, and to release the next Thunderbolt Display.

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