Apple stores data about calls users much longer than promised

According to the source, Apple was found next function that is associated with illegal storage of personal data.
It’s about the fact that the iPhone is sent to Apple server log data of calls, including FaceTime calls, and, in the case of iOS 10, data 10 missed calls with third party apps like Skype or WhatsApp.

Data is sent to server iCloud Drive, and disable only one way — turn off all sync to iCloud Drive, but it can be uncomfortable for many users. The leak was found by specialists of the Russian company Elcomsoft. They argue that data is often sent in real-time. Actually, that phone logs are stored on Apple servers, has long been known, foreseen by the policy of Apple.

For this reason, copertina already reacted to this statement, noting that all user data stored on the iCloud servers is encrypted, and information about calls is stored in order in case, backup data recovery, this part also can be restored. However, the specialists Elcomsoft was able to recover the data calls in FaceTime for four months, while Apple States that they are kept not more than 30 days. Why to spend extra space on the cloud, keeping the data longer than promised is an open question.



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