Apple shares rose to a maximum value

Today, Apple’s stock price reached record values at the time of closing in the history of trading. Per share Apple gave $133,82, 1.3% more than at the time the previous close of the exchange. Specify that the current value prices, sometimes higher — is a record level of $134,54, recorded 28 April 2015.

The source connects to the appreciation of the analyst of company UBS, which named the company Apple is undervalued.

According to analysts, the market has not yet realized the value of Apple services. If this aspect of the activities of the company were evaluated as well as, say, in the case of PayPal, Apple stock would be at least 10% higher, said the expert. Currently, the services bring the Apple more than all other directions together, with the exception of the release of the iPhone. Services include, in particular, the App Store and Apple Music.

Source: Business Insider



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