Apple said that many of the vulnerabilities described in published WikiLeaks documents have already been fixed

Yesterday in the Network, another scandal erupted, the hand which made the famous website WikiLeaks. This resource is procured and issued almost 9,000 CIA documents, from which we can learn that management is spying on citizens a huge variety of ways, ranging from holes in the protection of smartphones to modern TVs, and even turned off!

Among other things, the documents you can find information about viruses for iOS. More specifically, there is information about the 14 exploits. Apple quickly responded to the publication of WikiLeaks, saying that «many» of the security vulnerabilities that were used by the CIA have already been fixed. And fixed in the iOS update, which appeared only in January.

Note that Apple claims that closed all the security holes, and speaks only of many of them. For reasons of security Cupertino giant did not specify exactly which vulnerabilities have already been fixed.



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