Apple reduced the cost of replacing the SSD in Mac computers

As it became known, Apple is not making loud statements, reduced the cost of replacing SSDs in the MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini and MacBook Pro (2015).

If earlier in most cases the cost of installing the SSD with a capacity of 512 GB was $300-400, now it reduced to $200-300. If you wish to receive SSD 1TB now need to pay $800-900, and $600-700.

For example, if you decide to double the capacity of the complete SSD (256 GB) installed in 13-inch MacBook Air, you will have to pay $200 ($100 less than before). If you want to set the 27-inch iMac SSD 1TB instead of 256GB, you will need to pay $900 and $700.

For SSD with capacity of 512 and 1 TB for 15-inch MacBook Pro 2015 model number you need to pay an additional $200 and $600, respectively, instead of $300 and $800, as it was until this year.

And so on, details about the fee for additional SSD capacity is available for the specific model you will find on the official website.



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