Apple plans to return to shareholders $ 300 billion

In a press release from Apple on the results of the second quarter of the 2017 financial year, much attention is paid to the program of return of capital.

The fact that Apple’s Board of Directors approved an increase in this program by 50 billion dollars and its extension for four quarters. Under the terms of the expanded program, Apple will in total return to shareholders $ 300 billion until the end of March 2019. In the last quarter was paid more than $ 10 billion.

Recall, funds are returned in the form of share repurchases and dividend payments. The aforementioned approval of the Board of Directors increased the amount of the first article 210 billion dollars. With regard to the payment of dividends, it increased by 10.5%. In the quarterly report the dividend amount is specified equal to 0.63 dollar per unprivileged share. Payment will be made may 18.

In August 2012, when we launched a programme of return of capital, to March 2017, the company Apple has returned to shareholders more than 211 billion, 151 billion dollars of which — through the purchase of shares.

Source: Apple



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