Apple Pay has become the most widespread payment service in the U.S. among retailers

According to a study conducted by analysts of Boston Retail Partners, Apple Pay has become the most popular payment service in the United States. At the moment, 36% of retailers in this country support a service copertina, while PayPal, who previously held the place of leader, is supported by 34%.

True, we need to consider that data obtained from more than 500 leading North American retailers. For a country like the United States, is not so extensive a survey. So probably there is more correct to speak about leadership Apple among the biggest vendors in the USA.

22% of traders that don’t support Apple Pay, said that they intend to rectify the situation within a year. Another 11% plan to do so within three years, while 31% do not yet have such plans and prefer to «wait and see».

For comparison, Android Pay supports 24% of respondents sellers and 18% and 13% will introduce support for a year, or three, respectively. For Samsung Pay the same parameters in the same order account for 18%, 11% and 7%.



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