Apple patents the USB-C port, Lightning, Thunderbolt and other led

Apple has made another breakthrough. This time in the design of interface connectors for electronic devices. As follows from the applications that have appeared in the database of the us patent office, inventors came up with to incorporate into the led connector. The light will help connect the connector in the dark. In addition, the led can serve for indication of device status and connections. Finally, it is expected that led lighting will serve as a visible sign capable of distinguishing Apple branded products against counterfeiting.

Light from the led or LEDs in the connector body, the inventors propose to carry out on the fibers directly to the releasable connection, or in other places. Status information can be transmitted to the user by the color of light, a sequence of pulses or a combination of these two techniques.

The list of connections that can give the backlight includes USB-C, Lightning, Thunderbolt and others used in Apple devices.

Source: Patently Apple



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