Apple patents self locking straps for smart watches

In the database of the us patent office appeared application No. 20160255944 filed by Apple in March of last year. In the application described systems and methods dynamically change the fit of the wearable electronic device». Simply put, proposed several options for strap for smart watches, which can automatically be delayed and weakened.

It is assumed that this feature is useful for optimal fixing of smart watches on the brush depending on the activity: for example, if everyday wear, the strap loosened for comfort, while sports — tightened to not watch is not hanging, and the readings were reliable. The appropriate settings pre-set by the user.

To implement the described option available, as has been said, in several ways, but the principle is common: the tensioner controls the actuators mechanically connected with the watch case or the elements of the strap. For example, the actuator can pull the strap.

To change the distance between the links of the bracelet.

Stir the pin is threaded into the holes of the strap.

In addition, you can make the strap thicker, reducing the diameter of the girth.

Or for the same purpose to push the lid of the watch.

In the application described in several ways.

Source: Patently Apple



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