Apple owns a third of the smartwatch market in the U.S. and Europe

Specialists research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech have studied the market of smart watches and fitness bracelets USA and four European countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy.

The results of the study showed that as of the end of July of this year to 15.2% of Americans have smart watches or fitness bracelets. While the Europeans are much quieter to the category of electronic goods. Among the respondents, residents of European countries by the owners of the gadgets were only 8.1% of people.

If speaking about smart watches, the proportion of owners among the respondents, the Americans and Europeans is 4.7% and 3.2%, respectively.

Since the beginning of may to end of July 2016 47% of sales in the category of wearable electronics in the United States has provided smart watch. The leader is Apple with a market share of 33.5% over the past three months. In Europe there is a similar trend, smart watches accounted for 38.6 per cent, and the Apple Watch is owned 31.8% of the market.

During the same period, 20% of buyers of smart watches in the USA bought them to replace the classic watches, and among Europeans of such users was 30%.



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