Apple offers up to $200,000 for identification of critical vulnerabilities in its products

Companies often offer rewards for discovering vulnerabilities in their software, and we are talking about significant amounts. For example, Google last year paid more than half dollarsperhead, which revealed a vulnerability in Android. The appropriate program is from AT&T, Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla Motors and Yahoo.

This week, their example was followed by Apple, which offers a reward of up to $200 000. The corresponding program was presented at the conference on computer security, Black Hat, opened yesterday in Las Vegas.

The list of program participants is limited only by the researchers in the field of security, selected by Apple (in total about 20 participants). However, if the vulnerability will find someone else he can count on inclusion in the list. Verify that the list is not published. The scope of searches includes iOS and iCloud, but does not include macOS, at least not yet. The maximum amount of compensation depends on the field that is the vulnerability. All five designated areas. Amount to $200,000 applies to components of secure bootstrap.

Sources: Reuters, Securosis



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