Apple offers to buy the book Designed by Apple in California with photographs of its devices for $ 300

Apple stands out in many aspects of their activities. One of them is the approach to design. Not to say that every product of copertina is a benchmark of industrial design or unique to industry, but many devices at one time really was different from all competitors.

Without fanfare, Apple introduced a book called Designed by Apple in California, which covers 20 years of the life of the company. However, the whole book is only a collection of pictures of various products that the company released over two decades, starting with the iMac in 1998, Apple Pencil and ending in 2015.

The book contains 450 photos of authorship Andrew Zuckerman (Andrew Zuckerman). The book is available in two formats: small (259,1 x 323.9 m mm) and large (330,2 x 412,8 mm). Cost, as always in the case of Apple, a large sum, regardless of the format 200 and $ 300 respectively.



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