Apple offers developers the dock with a Radeon RX 580, connected via Thunderbolt 3

During yesterday’s presentation of macOS High Sierra Apple also told about the technology of Metal 2. This low-level API for the GPU that replaces the OpenGL ES and allows more efficient use of GPUs.

In particular, the emergence of a second version of this technology has brought PC support external graphics cards. As in other cases, Apple is offering to connect an external dock with graphics cards to laptops and other PC with Thunderbolt 3. That is, until it can not be done with all current Mac computers.

At Computex, many manufacturers have shown such a dock, and some have long sold. As you know, games for macOS, the situation is not the best way. For this reason, the new feature is primarily aimed not at gamers, and the developers and professionals who need a productive GPU.

And Apple not only gave these users the ability to connect such devices to their PC, but also offered a ready solution. Now all members of the Apple Developer program have the opportunity for $ 600 to purchase the dock with a Radeon RX 580 with 8 GB of memory and a power supply 350 watts. In addition, buyers of this device will get a discount of $ 100 on the purchase of the HTC Vive headset. Given the fact that during the WWDC special attention was given to virtual reality, it can be understood that the docking station is primarily intended to developers associated with VR.



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