Apple might have asked Samsung to assist in the case against Qualcomm

It is no secret that Apple and Samsung have had a very close relationship. On the one hand Apple provides Samsung with a huge number of orders for various components, on the other — is suing for patent infringement. However, large corporations never to ascribe human traits, like fans of a particular company.

Despite the constant conflict, the two companies will do what suits them, even if it is allegedly contrary to previous actions. For example, according to the sources, in the trial with Apple, the company Qualcomm announced that Tim Cook (Tim Cook) quietly asked Samsung to put pressure on the South Korean antitrust authorities for the latter to expedite its investigation of Qualcomm.

It is worth noting that this conversation back at Apple and Samsung supposedly occurred before Cupertino giant filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm. That is, the company tried to attract the «accomplices». It is possible that such a conversation Apple had with some other companies.

As for Samsung, it’s loss to Qualcomm, most likely, much more preferable, as in this case, the last will significantly reduce the size of royalties that it must pay all buyers of single-chip systems Snapdragon and other products.

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