Apple may use the display micro-LED in wearable electronic devices in the next year

Apple plans to use the displays, micro-LED in wearable electronic devices. First, such a device can be on the market in 2018. It is reported by the source, citing unnamed representatives of the industry.

It is believed that the development of the technology micro-LED will allow Apple to reduce dependence on Samsung Electronics is the only supplier of curved OLED display for smartphones iPhone 8, which will be presented in the fall. In addition, Samsung has already signed a contract with Apple to supply OLED displays for iPhone 9.

Usually Apple tries to buy components from several suppliers, but in this case the company did not have a choice.

The informant source called Apple the only company that is willing to start the implementation of micro-LED, despite the immaturity of the technology. High cost due to low yield rate of products, could deter other customers, but Apple suit and expensive components.

However, hope for the appearance of the displays, micro-LED in smartphones is still early — too many unresolved technical problems. At the same time, smartphones provide more than 60% of the revenue Apple.

Source: Nikkei



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