Apple may use Intel SoC in the iPhone in two years

In July there appeared information about the fact that the only SoC supplier for Apple and Apple A11 A10 will be the company TSMC, Samsung to take part will not.

However, analysts believe that in 2018, the competition will be TSMC, Intel, which will be supplying the processor for future smartphones such as iPhone.

We will remind, couple of weeks ago it became known that Intel signed a licensing agreement with ARM and plans to start production of the corresponding single-chip systems to their partners.

At that time, experts have suggested that Intel will not be able to start production of SoC for the iPhone until 2019, but now the Nikkei claims that processors with ARM architecture in the performance of the Intel make their debut at least a year earlier.

The source also reports that Intel will gain from TSMC one or two very large clients, adding that negotiations with Apple are already.



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