Apple may spend $200 billion on the purchase of Disney

RBC Capital Markets analyst Stephen Cahill (Steven Cahall) suggested how Apple might use the availability of investment funds.

According to reports, the accounts, Apple is more than 200 billion dollars. In the rating of private companies with the biggest cash reserve Apple ranks first, causing interest of investors.

Stephen Cahall believes that Apple may use these funds for purchasing the Disney company, market capitalization of which is estimated at 177 billion dollars. Shares of Disney are steadily increasing since October last year, although maximum values they reached in November 2015, when the price exceeded $ 120. Today per share give about 113 dollars.

The analyst thinks such an acquisition extremely successful for Apple, confirming their words with facts: five of the ten highest-grossing movies last year were released by Disney. One only «the First avenger: the Confrontation» made a 1.15 billion dollars.

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