Apple may offer a free subscription on Apple Music and Apple iCloud buyers of iPhone 8

As you know, the Apple iPhone 8 which in various rumors appeared under the name iPhone X, iPhone Pro and iPhone Edition, is credited with the price of 1000 dollars for a younger model.

This is really a lot, and the primary surveys show that few consumers are willing to pay so much for iPhone. Barclays analysts believe that Apple may take certain steps to further the interest of buyers.

For example, Cupertino giant can offer customers a new subscription to the services Apple Music and Apple iCloud (200 GB) for a period of one year. The total cost of these proposals now is 156 dollars, which is not so little. However, it is understood that many already have a subscription to these services, and those who do not, are not need.

Be that as it may, analysts have conducted a survey, which allowed them to make the appropriate forecast. According to him, the iPhone 8 at a cost of $ 1,000 will be distributed throughout the world in the amount of 40 million units (for a period not specified), and if you have a free subscription to the services sales supposedly grow to 64.4 million



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