Apple may build a center of research and development cost of $ 1 billion in Vietnam

Apple plans to build a new centre of research and development, which will be located in the Vietnamese province of Da Nang (Da Nang), according to local newspaper BizLive.

In March, there were rumors that Apple has allocated 1 billion dollars for the construction of the center in Vietnam that will work primarily on the Asian market. His task will be strengthening the competitiveness of Apple in the background from local producers. In October last year the company opened a division of Apple Vietnam, led by Apple’s Vice President Jean Daniel Levoff (Gene Daniel Levoff, also responsible for international relations.

A lot of tech companies, including Microsoft, Intel and Samsung, have opened units in Vietnam in recent years. For Apple, the centre of research and development should be the first such major investment in the country.

The final decision on whether the center is built, Apple will at the end of August.



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