Apple makes available to developers the third beta version of tvOS and watchOS 11.1 4.1

A month ago Apple released the operating system tvOS 11 and watchOS 4. Meanwhile, developers have already gained access to the third beta versions tvOS 11.1 and watchOS 4.1.

In the case of tvOS 11.1 beta 3 changes compared to the basic version mainly fix bugs and improve performance.

This is true for watch OS 4.1 beta 3, but the version of watch OS 4.1 has a noticeable improvement compared to watchOS 4. In particular, added support for broadcasting the Apple records Music directly to an Apple device Series 3 for LTE. New app Radio provides access to Beats 1 and other radio stations.

To install watchOS beta 3 on the Apple watch enough to add a properly configured profile in the Apple Developer Center. After this update is installed on the watch with Apple Watch apps running on smartphone iPhone. Before installing you should make sure that the battery is charged hours not less than 50%. During the installation process, the watch must be from the iPhone in the distance, providing reliable connection.



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