Apple listened to the criticism of the new MacBook Pro, lowering the prices on adapters USB-C

Recall, the new MacBook Pro with a USB-C port/Thunderbolt 3, which drew criticism even from supporters of Apple products.

After the announcement of the new MacBook Pro active accessory manufacturers Belkin and OWC. Apple listened to the criticism and, in order to reduce the financial burden that falls on the shoulders of the owners of the new MacBook pros have reduced the prices on cables and adapters USB-C. In some cases, the discount is $20:

  • Adapter USB-C to USB fell from $19 to $9

  • The Thunderbolt adapter 3 to Thunderbolt 2 from $49 to $29

  • Adapter USB-C Digital AV Multiport — s $69 to $49

  • Adapter USB-VGA C Multiport — s $69 to $49

  • Cable USB to Lightning C (1 m) from $25 to $19

  • Cable USB to Lightning C (2 m) from $35 to $29

Apple also lowered the prices on all accessories third-party companies, adding that the company compensates the difference to those who purchased new accessories prior to the sale.

The campaign will last until the end of 2016.



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