Apple is working on a microprocessor-T310, which will free the CPU from performing some simple tasks

Rumors that Apple would like to translate your Mac on your own system on a chip, they go on the web for a long time. No specific information on this point.

But it became known that Apple is working on a special microprocessor, code-named T310, which will take over some of the simplest functions of the CPU. In the new MacBook pros already have a T1 chip Apple, is responsible for the operation panel and Touch Bar fingerprint scanner.

The new solution will free the CPU from some of the more common tasks. For example, T310 will be responsible for the mechanism of Power Nap associated with the operation of some features PC during sleep mode. That is, in this mode, the power consumption of the PC will decline more substantially.

While it is known is that Apple T310 is created on the ARM architecture. When such solutions appear in PC copertina, is unclear.



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