Apple is ready to invest billions of dollars into the film industry and the creation of a television show

Recently, we reported that Apple credited with the intention to acquire this year some Hollywood film Studio, to produce their own original video content and run streaming video service finally.

According to new reports, Apple plans to build a new business, creating original TV shows and making films. Of course, this content is meant for TV, and to view the Network through its devices.

The scenario shows one of interest copertina directions. Sources claim that the show Apple may launch at the end of this year. Supposedly the company is willing to spend hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars to eventually be on a par with such giants as Netflix, Amazon and other players in this market. It may be one of the options, as Apple could partially retrain to not so much depend on sales of smartphones. In the end, to market video content is easier than to invent and create another revolutionary device that would change the industry.

But it is worth noting that in this segment, Apple can’t name, and show, created by copertina, will play on the same terms as the products of other companies, so the manufacturer would have to create really high quality content.



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