Apple is negotiating with TV and film producers of Hollywood, inviting them to work

Last year, the Network appeared rumors that Apple intends to acquire some Hollywood Studio. Supercinski the giant has long wanted to enter the market of streaming video services, but at the time it is not able to negotiate with producers of relevant content. Thus, Apple can begin to make it myself.

In the beginning of this year started to talk about the intention of Apple to create their own television show. According to new figures, senior executives of the company referred to some of the most successful television and film producers of Hollywood for the last couple of weeks. They were asked to work for Apple.

Also Apple was in talks with Sony and Paramount. But in all these cases, it is not known exactly what were talking. Anyway, a lot of rumors related to this subject, is sufficiently great to ignore. The more so Apple will still need to enter new markets in the form of lower sales of smartphones.



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