Apple is developing a completely new modular PC Mac Pro professional Pro monoblock iMac, and will return to the issue of monitors

Apple today for the first time since the announcement of the updated professional Mac Pro. However, all limited to the amplification of smaller versions while maintaining prices.

Now it became known why Apple did this now. According to the source, Cupertino giant is working on a completely new Mac Pro, which will have a modular design. In this case it is not a rumor but a statement by Apple to a group of journalists. By the way, such an act completely uncharacteristic of the company.

So, about the next generation Mac Pro, little is known. But the most interesting has been partially opened. This is the modularity. According to the source, refers to this design PC that will allow Apple to regularly update the device. Most likely, the users of such a possibility will not, as Apple has always been a staunch opponent of freedom of choice for their customers.

It is also said about a professional display that will be part of the Mac Pro. Apparently, Apple did come back to produce their own monitors, but hardly means that those will be sold only together with a Mac Pro. All of this should appear next year.

But in the present is not without its novelties. It is reported that Apple in the end of the year will release a new iMac. And among them will be the Pro model, designed, apparently, for professionals.

Separately it is reported that none of the professional new products Apple will not get the touch screen. That is, those new monitors and the iMac Pro will be equipped with touchscreen displays. It can be assumed that most potential buyers will approve of this decision.



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