Apple is developing a chip for artificial intelligence

Apple, in 2011, started using artificial intelligence technology in their products in the form of a virtual voice assistant Siri, is going from the software in this area go to hardware. Reportedly, Apple is developing a specialized chip for future mobile devices that will perform the tasks associated with the work of artificial intelligence.

A company called Apple microchip Neural Engine. It is assumed that it will enable faster and more accurate to solve such tasks as face recognition and speech. Apple refused to comment on the development.

Now in Apple devices, the solution of such tasks assigned to the Central and graphics processors. In addition to improving performance, the use of dedicated hardware can have a positive impact on battery life of devices.

Note that Apple is not the first company to realize the benefits of specialized hardware in the problems of artificial intelligence. Appropriate hardware is in a single-chip system Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Google introduced a similar development, however, is not designed for mobile systems. Similar products there are in the range of Nvidia.

Source: Bloomberg



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