Apple is credited with the development of the processor on the ARM architecture for both laptop and desktop systems

In the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus X uses the first SOC with GPU of Apple, and not from Imagination Technologies. Following a partner, dependence on which may want to reduce the Apple, the source called Intel. To do this, Apple should develop a processor for desktop and mobile computers. A natural choice in this case would be the ARM architecture.

Last year, Apple is expected to use in the new generation MacBook Pro Intel Core seventh generation (Kaby Lake), but she had to use the processors of the sixth generation, since Intel has not sustained scheduled. This case could cause friction between the two giants of the industry and push Apple to create its own CPU.

Another consideration that makes developing your own CPU justified, lies in freedom of integration into a variety of units at its discretion. Now, for example, the growing role of applications of AI. The add accelerator these applications would provide are Apple computers a competitive advantage.

According to the source, the first new processor can get a younger model MacBook with a 12-inch screen, and eventually to the new platform will be translated and other models.



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