Apple is credited with investment in manufacturer of sports cars McLaren Technology Group, but the British company denied negotiations

The project is an unmanned vehicle Apple or stalled or is at a crossroads: in the beginning of September there appeared rumors that the company has revised the strategy, fired some employees and decided to concentrate their efforts on the system of Autonomous driving. However, no matter how advanced in the end, the autopilot from Apple would not work, without a carrier, i.e. car, it is still not enough. And this American company might help Brits of McLaren Technology Group.

According to various sources, Apple is negotiating with McLaren for several months, and the transaction amount could exceed one billion pounds. The enterprise of walking could be called the perfect partner for Apple, with serious engineering potential and decent experience in the development of hybrid technology for sports cars and Formula 1 cars, but the British deny the fact of any talks with Apple about a potential investment. Perhaps in this way both companies want to maintain the confidentiality of the dialogue.

Meanwhile, according to sources, Apple is also negotiating with a California startup Lit Motors, has developed a self-balancing electric motorcycle the C1. To work in the Apple has already moved several engineers of Lit Motors, and now, reportedly, the company is considering the potential acquisition of the startup. Representatives from Lit Motors at the moment also does not comment on rumors.

Sources: The New York Times, The Verge



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