Apple is creating its own OLED technology

Apple bought the company Sunic System equipment for the pilot line is designed to produce OLED panels using substrates of 2.5 G. This line will be installed in the development center created by Apple in Taiwan.

Apple is creating its own OLED technology to reduce dependence on Samsung, the world leader in the production of OLED panels for mobile devices.

The source notes that Apple has purchased equipment from the South Korean company Sunic System and not from the Japanese company Canon Kokki — the main supplier of such equipment. Perhaps the reason is that almost all of the equipment Canon Kokki buying Samsung. In the spring it became known that LG Display was able to order only one setting Canon Tokki, so it’s up to 2019, the exclusive supplier of OLED screens for the iPhone 8 will Samsung. In June, the information appeared that LG Display bought two more machines of Canon Tokki for the production of OLED displays using substrates 6G.

For comparison: Samsung’s only this year acquired five installations and still the same is going to buy next year. Only in 2018 Canon Tokki is planning to release ten cars.

It remains to add that the company Sunic Systems can boast of an alternative technology deposition of materials that significantly enhance the pixel density.



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