Apple increased the volume of production iPhone X, the waiting period when ordering dropped to 3-4 weeks

A week ago we reported that if you pre-order the iPhone X users were warned about a long time of waiting.

At that time official website mentioned that the possibility of dispatch of the order will appear not earlier than in 5-6 weeks. Today, the smartphone is sold in many countries of the world, last week Apple is actively trying to increase the rate of production and, apparently, the company it can be a good idea.

At the moment the official website Apple announced that the waiting period of sending X iPhone dropped to 3-4 weeks. If things go at this pace, Apple will be able to balance supply with demand very soon.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook), commenting on the queues at the shops and a large number of people willing to buy a new product, said: «We’ll unload so many iPhone X, as it is possible in the near future».



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