Apple in China has a new growth engine

According to the source, Apple in China has a new growth engine: the animated dragons and warring kingdoms. We are talking about mobile games, growth of sales, which partly offset the falling demand for iPhone.

The most popular Chinese version of App store games are the King of Glory, Fantasy Westward Journey and Nest of Dragons. Only games account for 75% of the revenue of the Chinese version of the AppStore. Note that last year, China provided about half of the sales growth in the App Store.

In turn, sales of iPhone in this country continue to decline for five quarters in a row. In the last quarter of the reduction in monetary terms amounted to 14.1%. The market share owned by Apple, is reduced under the pressure of local manufacturers, including Oppo, Vivo and Huawei. Now it is about 10%.

It remains to add that in General, the Chinese market has brought Apple in the last quarter 10,726 billion. This is 34% less than in the previous quarter, equal 16,233 billion, and 14% less than a year ago, equal 12,486 billion.

Source: Reuters



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