Apple iMac Pro, apparently, based on the server CPU, Intel Purley

Apple doesn’t like to reveal all details about their devices. She never talks about RAM in smartphones and tablets, it does not indicate the model of the CPU in computers.

Similarly, Apple has done in the case of the iMac Pro, only here the situation is complicated by the fact that even the frequencies of the processors on the relevant page is not yet specified, although this is clearly correct when the units go on sale.

But the Network has already appeared the enthusiasts who were able to shed light on the highest performing PC.

According to the source, the iMac Pro will use the CPU platform Purley. More specifically, the processors lines Skylake-EX and Skylake-EP. Recall that Skylake-EX should become the flagships of the platform. They can be used in a configuration with up to eight CPUs. In addition, they will receive three lines of the UPI interface, and will support the updated technology of error correction Instruction Retry, Advanced Error Detection and Correction and Adaptive Dual Device Data Correction. The maximum value TDP of these processors will be 165 watts. Skylake-EP would be able to scale only up to dual-processor systems.

An indication of these processors, but rather at the platform Purley with CPU socket LGA 3647, found in the code of the beta version of macOS High Sierra.

In addition, there is found mention of a co-processor on the ARM architecture. In the case of new MacBook Pro this solution is responsible for the fingerprint scanner Touch ID, but for iMac Pro this functionality is not stated.

Recall, buy iMac Pro will be available in December at a price of $ 5,000.



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