Apple HomePod — smart sound system with eight speakers, support for Siri and worth $ 350

At WWDC in June 2017 Apple indeed introduced its own version of smart acoustic system. However, the rumor was wrong in the matter of the name. The new product is called the HomePod.

Apple is positioning this device as a direct competitor lineup Amazon Echo or Google Home. The fact that HomePod company tried to combine as smart and high quality home stereo system, which is used for listening to music.

The result is a device with eight emitters, which should provide enough quality for this segment sound. The feature of novelty in that it creates «360-degree» sound due to the location of the emitters. But that’s not all. The fact that the HomePod analyzes the configuration of the surrounding space and adjusts the sound so that it was aimed in the «right» side. In addition, the device analyzes each musical composition, adjusting the sound (something like a dynamic equalizer).

The user can connect two such devices through AirPlay 2 and they accordingly adjust the sound.

HomePod has received support Siri, making it also a smart sound system. In this case possible due to the already powers the voice assistant, although there are unique features. For example, when playing a track you can ask Siri what was the name of that musician in the band performing this song. Of course, you don’t even have to talk about integration with Apple’s Music, it’s obvious.

For the processing of data corresponds to a single-chip system Apple A8, which also processes data from the six microphones and the head noise reduction technology. Recall, this is based the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Dimensions of new items are 172 x 142 mm weight 2.5 kg. the Device will be available in December in black and white but initially only in the US, UK and Australia. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Siri understands multiple languages, HomePod some reason will only support English. Maybe it will fix with time. The cost of the device — $ 350.



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