Apple has started selling refurbished MacBook Pro new generation, but almost immediately sold the first batch

Apple is known for the fact that selling the recovered products to ensure their guarantee. For someone this variant is the only acceptable way to buy yourself some Apple device.

A few months after the start of sales in the range of Cupertino giant appeared and restored the MacBook Pro new generation. More precisely, appeared and immediately disappeared. Apparently, the first batch was small and it quickly sold out. But foreign thematic resources have time to note all the details.

So, the first restored among the novelties were only the 13-inch model without panel TouchBar. Version with the older Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM and SSD up to 512 GB of Apple is estimated at $1870, while during the same the new laptop will have to pay $2200. For the same option, but with almost twice the storage request is $2210 compared to $2600 for a new mobile PC. Savings can not be called huge, but it is quite significant.

In the near future, obviously you can expect to see restored models and with panel TouchBar.



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