Apple has reported the growth of all financial indicators, but smartphone sales increased by only 3%

Apple tonight has released the fourth quarter of 2017 financial year, which ended for her on September 30. Accordingly, for the company was completed and the full fiscal year.

So, revenue for the quarter amounted to 52,58 billion, an increase of 12%. Operating profit rose from 11.76 to 13.12 billion, and net income from 9 to 10.71 billion dollars.

Revenue for the year as a whole equal 229,23 billion compared 215,64 billion in the 2016 financial year. Operating profit amounted to 61,34 billion, an increase of only 2%. Net profit grew stronger: with of 45.69 to 48.35 billion dollars.

For the last quarter of the year Apple sold 46,667 million smartphones in the amount 28,846 billion. For comparison, a year earlier, the indicator was equal 45,513 million units and 28,16 billion, respectively. That is, iPhone sales grew by only 3%. By the way, it means that the 2016 and 2017 financial year, the average selling price of the iPhone was 618 dollars, that is has not changed. But the figure will clearly increase in the next quarter, which will include sales of the iPhone X.

IPad for the quarter were implemented 10,326 million pieces against 9,267 million for the previous year. Sales of Mac computers rose 10%, to 5,386 million units. Revenue related to the category of «Services» increased from 6,325 to $ 8.5 billion. The category «Other», which includes, for example, Watch clock, console, Apple TV etc., distinguished by the increase in revenue from 2.37 to 3.23 billion dollars.

It turns out that among all the parameters is less than total sales of smartphones, while even sales of tablets showed an increase of 11%.



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