Apple has removed the only remotely check the availability of iCloud lock in their mobile devices

The iPhones are in high demand on the secondary market. However, acquiring with a camera, you need to make sure that no lock iCloud. Previously, it was enough to go to the page iCloud Activation Lock and enter the IMEI or serial number of the phone.

Now the opportunity is gone. Without any explanation, Apple has simply removed the page from the official website. In fact, now the absence of blocking you can verify just by keeping your smartphone or tablet in hand. It’s simple, when buyer and seller have the opportunity to meet. But for those who sells and buys on the Network with the subsequent shipment, the situation is somewhat complicated.

The reasons for such action from Apple is unclear. One would think that the way the company wants to decrease the secondary iPhone market and thus increase sales of new smartphones. But it is unlikely that the deletion of the page to check can dramatically change the situation.



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