Apple has relaxed the accuracy requirements of one of the components of the camera TrueDepth to increase the production of the iPhone X

Absolutely all the latest rumors and leaks indicate that Apple can not cope, and the originally scheduled production volumes of iPhone X reached in the near future will not.

Greater part of sources States that the problem lies in the complexity of production of certain components that are part of the system TrueDepth, which, among other things, responsible for the technology Face ID.

If you believe the new portion of data, the problem is so severe that Apple had to make quite a dangerous move to weaken standards for particular characteristics of some components of TrueDepth. More specifically, Apple has allowed the partners to «reduce the accuracy» of the component called Dot Projector.

This is a special projector that projects onto a face of the user 30 000 points to be used then the scanner to identify the person. It is with the manufacture of this projector and was having major problems.

The projector includes a surface-emitting laser with a vertical resonator (VCSEL) and the lens. Both elements are very fragile and also require extremely accurate layout. It demands precision assemblies Dot Projector, apparently, and lowered the Apple.

Compounding the situation is the fact that Apple lost one of the suppliers of lasers for this component. Initially to produce them had Finisar, Lumentum and II-VI. But in the end, the first are unable to start production of the lasers proper quality.

How Cupertino giant has relaxed the requirements is unclear. But more importantly, how will this affect the system as a whole. Indeed, during the announcement, Apple promised us a device that is superior to anything that exists in the consumer market, as it was said that even the glasses, a new hairstyle, the beard and other changes in appearance will not affect the ability of the system to identify the owner.

Note also that an Apple spokesperson claims that the rumors are false. In fact, for consumers it does not matter whether there was any change in accuracy or not. It is important that the final device worked as promised by the manufacturer.



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