Apple has reduced its orders for iPhone components X 2.5 times

According to sources from Taiwan supply chain, Apple has sent out the order to the suppliers, which refers to the need to reduce the supply of components for the new smartphone iPhone X.

Sources claim that Apple is now asking only 40% of the amount that was originally agreed with the suppliers. Despite this some companies will have to increase the rate of production and reduce the scrap rate, to be able to ship even this amount.

Same strategy, the manufacturer was a year ago before the release of iPhone 7. Initially Apple has reduced orders components of up to 60% of the original plan. And the remaining 40% were booked within a couple of months after launch.

Insiders add that using such a strategy, Apple wants to watch the sold iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, as well as to monitor the level of pre-orders for the iPhone X. Only after this, Apple will launch a full-scale production of the smartphone.



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