Apple has published the financial report. Sales of iPads grew up in the first few years

Apple reported for the third quarter of the 2017 financial year, which ended for her on 1 July.

The revenue of Cupertino giant amounted to 45.4 billion dollars, which is 7% higher than in the same period last year. We should note that while revenue in China decreased by 10%.

Operating profit increased insignificantly: from 10.1 to 10.8 billion dollars. Net profit for the year increased from 7.8 billion to $ 8.7 billion.

Sales of iPhone still bring in the lion’s share of revenue. In the last quarter amounted to 24.9 billion dollars versus 24 billion a year earlier. In quantitative terms, Apple sold 41,026 million smartphones against 40,399 million, that is able to increase the supply of only 1.5%.

But iPad sales, surprisingly, increased! It happened for the first time in three and a half years. In the last quarter, the company sold 11.4 million devices, which is 15% higher than a year ago. However, revenues grew only 2%, indicating the popularity of the iPad version.

Sales of Mac increased by 1% in quantitative terms (up to 4,292 million) and 7% in cash (up to 5,592 billion dollars). Revenue that falls in the report section in Apple’s Other Products, increased by 23%.



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