Apple has patented a smartphone with a curved in both directions display

As it became known, Apple has filed in the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO) documents describing the mobile device with a curved display.

As planned by the designers, in the upper part of a «clamshell» can include camera, controller, display, speaker and ambient light sensor. The lower part of the foldable housing can include single-chip system, microphone, vibration motor and other components typical of smartphones.

Of the smartphone are connected to each other by means of a complex hinge mechanism that allows you to put the smartphone in two directions. The first option, the traditional «clamshell» designed for standby mode, when the displays hidden and protected. Also there is a reverse erection, when you get a device with a display, arranged on both sides (like the YotaPhone).

Finally, the patent also describes a device consisting of three parts with two hinges for which you can also come up with different scenarios.



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