Apple has patented a new casing material for the iPhone, calling it «liquid metal»

In the third quarter of last year, Apple filed in the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO) documents that describe the new material back of the iPhone. The material is called «liquid metal».

The other name of material — metal and glass. In the description of the patent States that it is about the metal alloy, which, like other metals in the solid state, has no crystalline structure. The atoms of these alloys arranged randomly, and the alloys have amorphous structure.

Metallic glass is difficult to design and to use as coating material. Apple have solved this problem, using the technology of microalloying. We are talking about the introduction to metal alloy small additions of alloying elements to modify its properties in the right direction.

According to earlier rumors, the iPhone 8 will receive a glass rear panel that will contribute to the system of wireless charging. But glass is a fragile material, so Apple decided to use metal and glass.



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