Apple has not increased the autonomy of the MacBook Pro to be updated macOS Sierra 10.12.2

When it became clear that the Apple MacBook Pro will work without recharging less than promised, the manufacturer has solved the problem very simply: in the next OS update it was removed from the status bar remaining time prediction of battery life.

Some users of the MacBook Pro then felt that the battery life of their laptops has increased.

The source of the message calls them «anecdotal,» claiming that he had received from Apple’s repeated and explicit denial. The manufacturer assures that it has not undertaken to update macOS Sierra 10.12.2 anything to increase work time your MacBook Pro battery. According to Apple, battery life, and so corresponds to the declared values, partly load-dependent. Should further clarify that Apple publishes a battery obtained for the minimum configuration (Core i5 processor and the smallest possible amount of RAM) with the screen brightness 75%.

The source suggested to explain the possible increase in autonomy. Autonomy could increase if the installation of the update roughly coincided with the end of the initial stage of work of services Spotlight (indexing for faster searches) and iCloud (cloud sync). Both services create an additional burden by increasing energy consumption, so the battery life in the first days after buying the laptop may be smaller than later.

Source: ArsTechnica



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