Apple has also sued Qualcomm, demanding to pay her an amount unpaid under an illegal agreement

Manual Qualcomm recently not envy. Claims from certain instances of a particular country sypyatsya as from a cornucopia. Only we reported that the Federal trade Commission sued the company, accusing it of anti-competitive behavior in transactions with Apple as this Apple has sued Qualcomm, demanding 1 billion dollars.

Supercinski giant accuses the partner about the same and trade Commission of the United States: the abuse of a dominant position on the market of cellular modems for smartphones.

Apple claims that for many years Qualcomm unfairly insisted on the payment of royalties for technologies that have been developed not only to her. Apple said that Qualcomm, as the only one of more than a dozen companies that have contributed to the development of the main networks, demanded payment of the license fee that is at least five times higher than the payments to all other licensees combined.

But the most interesting is not it. The fact that $ 1 billion Apple requires, as described above. The company accused its partner, that the initially Apple giving discounts for exclusive contracts, canceled them after copertina testified in one of the cases against Qualcomm. 1 billion dollars — this is «underpaid» Apple discounts. Thus, the Apple simultaneously and confirms the accusations of the U.S. trade Commission in the direction of Qualcomm, and thus required to pay her part of the money that Qualcomm illegally, in the opinion of the Commission paid to Apple for many years.



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